Aldona Załęska

External Tax Advisor

Aldona is a seasoned tax expert at Oryx Group, specializing in handling tax proceedings before administrative authorities and courts.

With a focus on corporate income tax (CIT), value-added tax (VAT), and property tax, Aldona is dedicated to ensuring that clients comply with tax regulations while defending their correct filing and assessment of taxes owed.

Her unique service combines expertise in both substantive and procedural tax law, where she strategically navigates legal interpretations and develops tactics to present compelling arguments in favor of clients’ positions. With over three decades of experience, Aldona has honed her skills in providing ongoing tax advice, preparing compliance procedures, and participating in tax-related criminal proceedings.


Her commitment to protecting clients’ interests extends to leveraging European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) standards for property protection and advocating for proportional legal responses in tax disputes.

Passionate about her work, Aldona finds fulfillment in the intellectual challenge of her practice and the opportunity to make a meaningful impact by securing favorable outcomes for her clients.


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