Our Clients

Our clients come from various industries, but they share one common goal – the desire for growth and achieving business success based on traditional values: respect, honesty, and integrity. Our External Directors and Interim Experts have the pleasure of supporting our clients’ teams in areas such as finance, accounting, HR, and operations, with a focus on developing strategies, streamlining processes, and implementing best business practices.

Case Studies

Case Study - Elstar

Polish leader in the field of distribution of stainless-steel pipes, profiles and fittings for various industrial sectors (domestic and international sales).

Turnover totaling 60M PLN per year, 45 employees.



Lack of a transparent management information system, much needed in the context of ambitious plans to scale the Company’s operations over the next 5 years (objective: increasing market share in the sales of pipes and metallurgical products from 2% to 5%).

Plus: the Management was burdened with analytical tasks and accumulated multiple roles


Implemented comprehensive managerial reporting, taking over tasks from the Management including periodic reports, budgeting, and cash flow forecasting. Leveraged existing IT solutions to create an integrated monthly report showcasing financial insights like working capital, profitability across sales branches and product groups, and detailed cost analysis. Introduced swift Flash Reports within three days of month-end. Implemented participatory budgeting involving key personnel, incorporating profit and loss, balance sheet, and cash flow budgets. Regular comparison of current results with planned figures.  Successful solution developed in a collaborative model over a four-month period, working 3 days a week. Currently supporting and overseeing the reporting process (scope of cooperation: a few days per month)


The client receives consistent access to reliable financial information for both general and detailed analysis, enabling strategic focus.

The previously time-consuming process currently takes approximately 16 hours per month.

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