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We are a group of business practitioners with expertise in finance, accounting, operations, HR, logistics, and business development. We support companies through both ongoing collaboration and project-based engagements. We have the ability to swiftly and precisely diagnose issues, offer optimal solutions, and effectively assist in their implementation.

Each of us has at least a decade of experience working in international corporations as well as smaller enterprises. This extensive background allows us to approach our clients’ businesses from multiple perspectives and provide a wide array of solutions that have been successfully implemented in diverse conditions.

Our team has held executive positions in renowned companies such as PWC, Benefit Systems, Sony Music, Santander Bank, Heineken, and Pandora. We’ve had the privilege of leading restructuring projects and supporting the growth of start-ups. We’ve also operated on the international stage, managing finances and operational activities for companies in Europe, the United States, and the Middle East. It’s these varied experiences that enable us to fully comprehend the needs of every business and adapt to various working environments.

Today, our primary mission is to foster the growth of companies. While we primarily focus on a wide range of financial management services, our competencies, as well as those of our associates, enable us to offer support in areas like HR, marketing, sales, and general management.

Our effectiveness, highly appreciated by clients, is built upon close collaboration with business owners, management teams, and supervisory boards. We operate within a flexible model that combines the best attributes of full-time employment and external consultancy.

How we can work together

According to our clients’ needs, we provide two forms of collaboration: continuous engagement ranging from 1 to 20 working days per month and project-based cooperation tailored to the specific requirements of each project. There is also the possibility of combining both forms, ensuring ongoing collaboration with the option to allocate additional team members temporarily for concurrent project execution.

Continuous Collaboration

Project-Based Collaboration

How We Work

We propose an innovative approach that differs from typical collaboration with a full-time employee or an external consultant or director working on an hourly basis.

The first step of our collaboration typically consists of a thorough analysis of your business that generates recommendations concerning possible solutions. This allows us to select and provide the best experts to help you implement them!

The cornerstone of our work is assigning one of our directors or interim experts to your company’s premises for coordination. During this time, they assume the role of the person directly responsible for supporting your team. The amount of time they spend in your office depends on the project’s nature, stage, and your preferences.

Contrary to appearances, problem-solving for the client does not rely solely on the knowledge of the assigned director or expert . In every case, we leverage the experience of the entire Oryx Group team. The issues are discussed within a circle of experienced directors, who develop a list of potential solutions, whilst ensuring that we maintain client confidentiality. We present this list to you, and you independently select the tactics you wish to implement in your company. Everything is conducted based on collaboration rather than predefined directives.

Our Offer

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Our External Director service offers seasoned professionals in key roles such as Finance, HR, Operations, and more. Tailored for companies with annual turnovers of around PLN 10 million or more, and with 20+ employees, we assist in streamlining processes and implementing best practices to drive growth.


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Need temporary expertise in finance, HR, or operations? Our Interim Experts service provides senior-level professionals, including Chief Accountants, Senior Accountants, and HR managers and specialists. Ideal for larger companies seeking targeted support during transitions or specific projects.


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Our Business Advisory service includes comprehensive company assessments conducted before engaging with our External Director service. Using our experience of working with companies like Baukrane, Volubus, and Elstar, we offer diagnostic evaluations and problem-solving support for medium to large businesses, including ERP implementation assistance.




Our Methodology




Our Clients

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