Our Added Value

Our business is values-driven

Our focus lies in providing tangible assistance to companies in need of a strategic partner to elevate their operations to a higher level. This collaboration, which can be either short-term (project-based) or long-term (fractional), is always founded on a relationship built on mutual trust.


Our Added Value


We are a team of seasoned professionals whose career paths are marked with concrete achievements and successes. Our expertise isn’t just theoretical; it’s derived from real-world experience in challenging business scenarios.


Thanks to this, we are capable of delivering not just theoretical solutions but, most importantly, a practical perspective on your challenges and effective methods to address them.



We are more than just advisors – we take action! Our experience as top-tier managers means that we possess not only knowledge but also the ability to practically implement it.


We are prepared not only to advise but also to personally engage in your projects, working with your team to achieve specific goals.


Maturity and Ethics

Our actions are guided by values such as honesty, transparency, and integrity. We forge lasting and trusted partnerships while maintaining an ethical approach to business. 


Our maturity enables us to make wise decisions that benefit our clients and their organizations.

17 Group Idea

Openness and Problem Solving

We venture beyond the conventional, looking at challenges from different perspectives. Our openness allows us to seek original and innovative solutions, founded on a comprehensive understanding of the specifics of your business.


We are ready to take on tough challenges and confront new problems to achieve concrete results.


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